Talent Life Skills

Personal Life Development

WWE provides our developmental talent with a Life Management workshop. This workshop provides practical skills and solutions to manage out-of-the-ring issues that can adversely effect their careers, particularly during initial adjustment into WWE. The program focuses on communication between personnel and a utilization of resources and is conducted by Dr. Earl Suttle, who administers similar programs for the NFL and NBA. To read Dr. Earl Suttle’s bio, please click here.

Personal Finance Education

Each year, WWE conducts a workshop for our talent that details the importance of financial planning. Conducted by Fidelity Investment representatives, the workshop offers talent an overview on how to save for the long term, balance their portfolios and manage other financial responsibilities. For more information, please click here.

Health Insurance Education

Each year, WWE holds a workshop for our talent that explains the value of obtaining proper health insurance, detailing the unexpected occurrences and costs of healthcare that may arise. It also gives talent the tools to explore healthcare options at any time. For more information, please click here.

Media Training

WWE offers media training to our talent to teach them how to best present themselves and the WWE brand to the media and our audience. Our media training gives them the tools to effectively translate their message and image to all media outlets, both domestically and internationally. The training curriculum is presented by Derwin Johnson, an independent senior communication consultant with more than 30 years experience as a journalist, communication executive and educator. For more information, please click here.