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What to Expect at a WWE Live Event

WWE performs hundreds of live events each year in major stadiums and arenas throughout the world. Because these live events provide the content for WWE's television and pay-per-view programming, parents can expect that these performances will contain material similar to that of WWE television programming, particularly RAW and SmackDown live events which may include suggestive dialogue and intense action. We recommend that all parents first watch RAW and/or SmackDown before making the decision to attend a WWE live event with their child.

One of the highlights of attending a live event is the amazing and elaborate pyrotechnic displays, particularly at our television tapings. These displays are even louder in person than they are on television, which may startle younger children. Parents may want to bring along a set of earplugs, particularly if they're taking children to their first WWE live event.

In addition, parents should be aware that attending a live event is very much like attending a major sporting event or concert. WWE has enthusiastic fans, many of whom bring signs and banners to show their support of particular WWE Superstars. Children may be exposed to language or behavior in the audience that some parents may find inappropriate, just as they might at a football, hockey or baseball game or rock music concert. If this occurs, parents and other audience members should contact their local usher at the arena for assistance. WWE wants fans to have fun at our live events, but we do not condone rude and boorish behavior.

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