We understand how important it is for parents to take an active role in their children’s free time. WWE is committed to creating family-friendly, TV-PG broadcast programming. Like any other action film or televised drama, WWE content is scripted and performed by trained professionals. We encourage all parents to help their children select suitable entertainment, and to understand the differences between fantasy and real life.


In recognition of WWE’s family-friendly programming, its network partners (USA Network, NBC and WGN America) rate WWE’s weekly individual programs as PG. These ratings are based on existing Federal Communications Commission TV Parental Guidelines and the accepted standards and practices of our network partners.


If parents make the decision to allow their children to watch our programming, we encourage those parents to watch with their children. We urge parents who allow younger children to watch our programming to explain that what our Superstars do on television should not be emulated or attempted in real life.

WWE, through this web site, places a number of resources at parents’ fingertips to help them talk to their kids about WWE programming. We encourage parents to view the information we have provided on this site about what to expect at WWE events, ratings information for our TV programming, and from our products.

Unlike other forms of entertainment, WWE regularly and clearly emphasizes Do Not Try This messaging on a global basis.