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We appreciate the feedback that people provide to us and therefore would like to share some thank you letters that we have received at WWE. If you would like to submit a letter, please feel free to contact us.

Camp Fallujah Marine Thanks WWE for its Support

To all the Wrestlers at the WWE, 
I want to extend a Huge “Thank You” from all the Marines on Camp Fallujah. Most of us just began our 13 month deployment. Here in Fallujah it is a bit nicer than being out in the small combat outposts (COP) but, we are still dislocated from most, larger scale, USO/PAO trips. You can only helo or convoy into our location. The support to war-fighters is such an important role and you all do such great things for us. I have recently received a few boxes of all kinds of WWE items, magazines, photos, t-shirts, a Vince McMahon/HHH toy-set and even a set of curtains. Those of which I will display in my room, window or not. 

I would like for you all to know how this support came about. I was on a flight to LAX from Dallas and happened to sit next to (Raw Announcer) Jim Ross in 1st Class. Now, you might ask how a US Marine was able to sit in first class. I will tell you. It’s a good story! In May 2006, I was on a foot patrol in Ramadi, Iraq. While conducting the patrol we found ourselves in a nice little fight, typical in Ramadi then. I, along with my three Marines, were accompanied by four Navy SEALs. During the firefight I was shot through the left knee. My wounds resulted in my left leg being amputated just above the knee.

So, 17 months after my injury, I find myself being to told, “get up and sit in first class”. The flight attendant had noticed my computerized leg and I guess she felt obligated. Well, a few moments after I sat down. I kept saying to myself, “I know this gentleman beside me”. After a bit I finally asked. It was “J.R.”. I am an Oklahoma boy and I grew up watching wrestlers like Dusty Rhodes, Ric Flair, Ivan, Andre the Giant, Hulk Hogan, the list goes on. The flight to LA was very memorable. Jim gave me all kinds of things on his flight including his card. I told him of my service and we talked about my deployment to Iraq as an amputee. I have many reasons but, most importantly, it’s to serve our wonderful nation and our concept of freedom.

My injury has given me a new friend and opened up a lot of gifts for my fellow Marines. So, from this Marine to all of you, I say “Thank You.” We all appreciate the support you give in so many ways. If you all by chance, make it into Fallujah, look us up. We will be here to support and enjoy that which you provide.

GySgt S.Gibson

A nursing instructor explains how WWE Superstar John Cena is an inspiration to her nursing students.

January 15, 2008

Dear John Cena,

...You are always “The Champ” in our hearts. We traveled to Visalia, CA. on July 20, 2007 and watched you perform then and look forward to seeing you return to the ring.

Thank you for being a great role model and inspiration. Enclosed are pictures to show how you inspire my nursing students. First is the “life size” portrait with specific organ system references and then the illustration of proper emergency electrode chest lead placement. You have also gained a large following in your “Chain Gang” as we work to “break the chain of infection” when washing our hands and limiting contamination and exposure. Also, I appreciate the footage of your surgery on WWE.com and have had many of my nursing students visit the site as part of our orthopedic experience. Nutrition and activity are other references I use regularly in the classroom.

It’s not everyday a popular star or icon help meets my student needs on so many levels. I am very grateful and appreciate all I have been able to accomplish with your help. Keep up the good work. Wishing you a speedy recovery…

A devoted fan and Nursing Instructor,

Debbie J., RN
Fresno, CA

A Mother Compliments WWE on a Recent WWE.com Article About Autism
I thought the article was great!! I too have a son Caleb-10yrs.old who is High Functioning Autistic...he LOVES watching all the WWE shows...we tune in to Mon. Raw, ECW and Friday Night SmackDown...this is a great way for him to bond with his dad and brother...also, it has been a great social skill tool for him and making friends...he actually has a new friend this year!! He comes to our house and they play their video games (we have SmackDown vs. Raw 2007) anyway, thanks for sharing this story!! Any autism awareness is great for our kids!!!

Thanks again,

Natalie M.
Jonesboro AR

Connecticut Department of Children and Families thanks Conn. companies including WWE for donating holiday gifts.
Dear (Danbury) News-Times,

I am writing this letter to formally thank Sean and Caroline Breen, John Fenton, Steve Blake, ESPN, WWE, Lt. Matt McNally, and the Danbury Police Explorers for their support, generosity, and assistance over the past year in helping children in state care by obtaining presents and gifts this holiday season. Through the hard work and generosity of these individuals and CT-based companies, abused and neglected children in Western Connecticut had stockings full of gifts to open over the holiday season.

In a year filled with tragedies and negative stories in the news, it is comforting to know there is still good in the hearts of men (and women) this holiday season. Thanks again to all who helped make the holiday dreams and wishes of children come true this year!


Bob Murphy

Volunteers of America (NYC Chapter) Thanks WWE for Donations to Operation Backpack Program
Dear Sue,

On behalf of Volunteers of America and the thousands of children who benefited from Operation Backpack, thank you for your participation in this powerful program.

As a result of your commitment and efforts, 7380 children from 61 different community service programs started their school year with brand new backpacks.  We are confident that in 2008, through your continued support, we will successfully prepare all 11,000 school-age children within the shelter system with the school supplies necessary to succeed in their education.

It was a pleasure working with you and your team over the past couple of months organizing the drive, collecting donations, and sorting and preparing the backpacks for the children.  I sincerely hope each member of your team experienced the same joy and excitement in participating as the children did in receiving the backpacks and supplies.

As the plans and schedule for Operation Backpack 2008 are determined, I welcome all feedback on your experience with this year’s program.  I will be contacting you over the upcoming weeks to discuss detailed results as well as next steps; however, as always, please do not hesitate to reach out should you need anything.

Thank you again for your support.

Meghan Brennan
Manager, Corporate Programs
Operation Backpack

Boys & Girls Club of Brockton Thank WWE
Dear Ms. Aitchison,

When I wrote to you in July, our field trip to the Monday Night RAW Event on August 27th was a dream yet to be experienced by a chosen few.  That final week of August marked the end of our club’s summer programming, and the beginning of a transition into a whole new year of designing fun, educational programs from Brockton’s disadvantaged youth.

Fall is a very busy time here at the club – it marks the beginning of the school year, and a new crop of children arrive at our doorstep searching for a way to spend their after-school time.  Tenured club members return to the fold in droves, looking to rekindle friendships that waned over the summer, join a sports team, or seek extra help with homework assigned by a whole new slate of teachers.

It takes a few weeks for everyone to settle in and get acclimated, but eventually routines are established.  The “Passport to Manhood” program is off and running again this year.  At their first meeting, participants who attended the RAW event worked together on an important project: thank-you notes for the WWE wrestlers who thrilled them beyond their expectations on August 27th at BankNorth Garden.  They were so excited to have such good seats, and they even got to be “on TV” when a volunteer seated in front of their row was filmed.  When they returned to the club that evening, each young man received a lapel pin and poster to commemorate the evening – it was truly a highlight of their young lives.  Thank you so much for making it all possible!

Please share this letter and the enclosed expressions of thanks with all interested parties, together with the knowledge that our “Passport to Manhood” curriculum includes acknowledging the kindness of others.

Shelley L. Walker
Director of Development and Marketing
Boys and Girls Club of Brockton

A soldier thanks WWE for its support.

Hello Everyone,
Just thought I would let everyone know I am now home from Iraq. I want to thank everyone who was supporting me while I was away from my family here in Kansas. It was all greatly appreciated. It's great to be back, just wish the weather wouldn't change so quick. I'm not ready for winter after the temperatures we had in Iraq. Since I'm back on safe ground, I won't complain anymore. Just so everyone knows, we finished the year with no casualities and just a few minor injuries. Thanks for your support.

Sgt. Jeffrey R.

A Military Transition Team deployed to Iraq thanks WWE for their support
Dear WWE,

Military Transition Team 0600 would like to thank you for thinking about and supporting us during our deployment.  Your DVDs, T-Shirts, Photos, and shorts were a great diversion from the routine and not so routine activities of our daily lives here in Baghdad...Our team took great pleasure in your gifts.  I know your organization has continually been at the forefront of support to the troops deployed everywhere; your continued support to our efforts is very much appreciated.

We hope that you will accept this small token of our appreciation and know that your efforts put a smile on the faces of our team while we were away from the comforts of home.

Thank you,

Colonel Stuart Pollack
US Army, Special Forces
Chief, Military Transition Team 0600

The following letter was sent to John Cena who is a role model for a small boy with a learning disability.

In today’s world, it is hard to find heroes and inspirations.  I am a long time fan of wrestling and think of the WWE Superstars now as the luckiest people in the world, not because of their talents, but because of the position they are in to be looked at as heroes to little kids.  I have one of the many stories I hope you hear daily because of your awesome ability to play your greatest character, Role Model.

A co-worker’s mom knew I loved wrestling and wanted me to tell her everything I knew about you so that she could carry on conversations with a small boy who doesn’t talk at all (learning disability).  The only thing Christian ever talks about is you and how you are his favorite wrestler (no other topic will do).  So I supplied the mother with your info about your moves, your sayings, your championships, etc.  She is now able to communicate with him, and because of that, he is starting to read and is able to communicate and teach his non-English-speaking father.

I will continue to help out as much as I can with helping his learning disability but I did want you to know that you are his hero and because of nothing but your willingness to be a “good guy” in and out of the ring, you have won over a small boy and also a long time wrestling fan as well.

If there is anything you can do to help, please try to contact me at the information below.  Thanks John for being a hero.

All the best,

Brian P.

The following thank you letter came from Methodist Healthcare.

Thank you so much for making all the arrangements for our 10-year-old cancer patient to attend the “meet and greet” and the WWE show at the AT&T Center in San Antonio. The family had only learned on Monday that “T” was no longer responding to treatment. She will be leaving Methodist Children’s Hospital today to go home to Waco, Texas, to be with her family and friends.

“T’ and her dad had a wonderful time at both events. Dad was simply ecstatic about the opportunity as he is a longtime WWE fan and had never seen a show in person. The morning after the show, the staff told me you would have thought it was Christmas morning as he was beaming and smiling from ear-to-ear with details about the events. “T” slept most of the morning as she was completely worn out from the experience! But it was a “good” kind of worn out! She told the physical therapist that she wanted to skip her therapy that afternoon because she had gotten plenty of exercise jumping up and down at the WWE show!

Dad was overwhelmed by the hospital’s efforts to arrange for them to meet the wrestlers AND attend the show. They had not expected their seats to be so good since it had all come together at the last minute. The seats they had were next to the ramp where the entertainers come in and where the fireworks were soaring. It was truly a dream come true for this child and a wonderful memory for her dad to carry with him for years to come.

The doctors and staff who have cared for “T” express their deepest appreciation for your efforts to give this family something to be happy about when faced with such tragic news on Monday that their little girl was not going to recover.

Please know that your efforts had an enormous impact on a little girl’s life and was likely the most exciting thing she had ever experienced!

J. King
Methodist Healthcare

Damaris C. thanks WWE for assisting her student battling cancer

Dear Sue Aitchison:
I am writing you this letter to thank you, and the WWE for your generous gift. Last year Rafael, one of my 5th grade students was diagnosed with cancer. Rafael and his family are very special. He is a wonderful, caring and respectful boy. He was unable to finish the school year with the rest of the class because of the intense treatment schedule. The rest of the students and myself have stayed in touch with him trying to give him encouragement and support.

When I found out that the WWE was having an event in Miami, I bought Rafael and his family tickets because I knew how much they all love wrestling. My friend, Francine R., then contacted you to try and arrange a meeting with Rafael's favorite wrestler. Even though you were unable to arrange for such a meeting you took the time to make a care package for him. You have no idea how happy this child was opening that box and how grateful his parents felt when they saw him so happy.

I never really liked wrestling and I never encouraged my students to watch it. With your action you have changed the way I feel about your organization. I was impressed with your generosity and also with the efficiency and promptness with which you answered Francine's request.

Thanks again for your gift...
Ms. Damaris C.

Makaya P. thanks WWE for the Make-A-Wish meet & greet her daughter received in August.

Dear Susan (Aitchison),
We would like to thank you, so much for everything you did for Makayla. She really enjoyed herself meeting the "Undertaker" and everyone else. They had her and her father go on TV for the dream connection to tell everyone how much fun she had in Washington, DC. Her father told how much good it did for her.

You can't imagine how much better she's doing in her therapy. The doctors have even seen an improvement in all her abililties...She's been telling everyone how nice the Undertaker is and how funny Rey Mysterio was...please tell everyone thank you for us.

Thank you.
Maykaya P. & Family

Jordan Rich from WBZ explains how his interview with John Cena encouraged a student to become a better reader.

Dear WWE:

A few months back I had the pleasure of interviewing John Cena for my late night radio show. He is a terrific young man and was a wonderful guest for the show. The interview was set up by the public relations crew at the Fleet Center.

Shortly after the interview aired, I visited a school during National Reading Day and spoke to the kids about my career and all of the interesting people I meet doing my radio show. The kids were all fascinated when I mentioned I had recently met and interviewed John. I promised one young guy that would send along a copy of the interview to the teacher for him since it would have aired too late for him to hear.

Well, what happened is pretty remarkable. It turns out that young Francisco Cruz from Ms. Collar’s class was so inspired by the interview and by John Cena that he went ahead and made reading one of his favorite pastimes
It is so nice for me to get good news…. I just had to share it with you.


Jordan Rich